Vee Le has only been involved in Houston and Austin real estate since 2014, but she has already accomplished more than most other real estate investors accomplish in their entire career. She has purchased and sold, i.e. flipped, more than 150 properties in this short time. Flipping houses at this high volume is only part of the equation for Vee. Among her strategies is building a long-term rental property portfolio. Currently, she has approximately 10 properties with a goal of growing to 20 by the end of 2019. On the long term, she aims to have a portfolio of several hundred rental properties. Owning a large portfolio is one of her key strategies for building long term wealth through real estate investing. Not only is Vee a highly successful real estate investor, but she is also a leader at her Re/Max office and a leading sales associate.

Vee has accomplished this with great challenges that most of us never experience or have to overcome. When a young girl comes to America at the age of 15 from Vietnam, there can be some extreme challenges. These include English not being her native language and having to overcome many daily cultural issues that most of us take for granted. These challenges haven’t limited her success, but rather these challenges have given her focus, strength, determination, and resilience.


Her latest accomplishment? The RE Ballers in Austin, TX! With crowds over 100 attendees monthly, Vee is sharing her vision and passion of building wealth through real estate investing. RE Ballers meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month in Austin and has gained strong momentum in 2018 with impressive attendance, well-known speakers, delicious food and drinks along with vibrant networking with the Austin area real estate investors. RE Ballers is based in Austin, but Vee is looking for Ballers in Texas and beyond. Her vision is to grow RE Ballers into a major national organization while openly sharing her real estate investing knowledge. Recruiting other successful real estate investors to join and share their knowledge to the RE Ballers nation is ongoing.

Although not quite 40 yet, Vee feels there is still a lifetime left for real estate investing, sharing and balling.

When Vee isn’t keeping her nose to the grindstone, she spends time with her number one investment, her 6-year-old daughter. As a mother, Vee has a mission to establish a large-scale home for orphanage children to inspire the same values and confidence.

“Anyone can be a baller if you set your mind to it. Despite the odds, I’m living proof.”
Invest like Vee Le would invest.
Invest like a Baller.